Meet our Guest Facilitator, well known by many in South Africa:

Kate Clement

Director School of Biodanza Australia
Welcome back to South Africa dear Kate, I am honoured that we will facilitate together – Arno:

Kate has graciously agreed to join Arno in facilitating the opening Vivencia on Friday evening – prior to the main event on Saturday and Sunday presented by Christos Daskalakos – and the weekend closing Vivencia on Monday.

“Biodanza has taken me dancing all over the world and into contact with extraordinary people sharing this gift. I love how it keeps enabling me to unfold me into a deeper connection with and appreciation for life. I desire to share Biodanza because it connects people fundamentally to the life within themselves, each other and the cosmos at large and when there is that kind of connection going on, we tap into major forces for positive change and individual and collective evolution. Biodanza speaks to the hope I have in my heart for the future of humanity and our planet. It is my small way to be a part of contributing to this.”


I lived and worked in South Africa for 16 years where I became a Biodanza facilitator, ran groups and workshops and worked with Biodanza in companies, government and NGOs, schools, clinics and social projects. I also did my didactic training with Biodanza founder Rolando Toro in Brazil. South Africa was an incredible home for me, I have immense gratitude for all my experiences there and for everyone that I encountered. I still feel it is a home for me.

In 2012 my heart called me back to live in Australia with my beloved Claudio, whom I met while teaching as a didact in Australia. I returned to Sydney and became a Director of the Biodanza School of Australia, training facilitators and offering Biodanza in Sydney and Canberra.  I directed my first cycle of training from 2013 – 2016 with Catherine. We continue to work collaboratively to train facilitators and grow the movement of Biodanza in Australia and we are really proud of our first facilitators who graduated earlier this year.

It was a big challenge to bring Biodanza into a country where it was pretty much unknown and into a big metropolis like Sydney. The courage to follow my heart and the support of the few wonderful souls that did know Biodanza steadily enabled me to established initiation and deepening Biodanza groups in Sydney and run them sucessfully for 5 years. Two years ago Claudio and I returned to Canberra, where I was born, to enjoy a slower pace and spend more time on bicycles and with people dancing. I love living in my ‘home’ city again. I’m enjoying the growing community of Biodanceros here and look forward to starting another cycle of the Biodanza School in September this year.

I am super excited to be coming back to ‘other’ home again this November and December and to seeing dear friends, having new encounters and feeling the African soil beneath my feet once again.