I am so pleased to be your host for this 15th African Encounter.  

The African Encounter aims to bring Biodanza participants together once each year in December from around South Africa and the world, providing an atmosphere of the marvelous, re-connecting with each other and leaving us with a deep sense of belonging within the totality of Life. 

Arno te Braake

Didactic Facilitator Durban KZN

Friends tell me that when Biodanza became established in my life, I became a different person. I left my individualistically isolated way of life and gradually replaced it with a life connected with people – and now I feel that I have a ‘Biodanza family’ all over South Africa,  Europe and beyond.

Biodanza appeared in my life in 2007 – a complete relief into a new world. I have always loved music. I loved to dance to music but really didn’t know how to move. Gradually I began to learn what it meant to feel – to put words to feelings. 

Today I know that not a moment goes by in which I am not feeling, that indeed a whole new world has opened up for me and it is a beautiful world. I feel that my rational mind is learning to asses all things through the filter of the heart.

Recently I completed my Biodanza Didactic training in Europe.  The training process helped me to realize more clearly the depth of meaning of the training received as a facilitator. The system Rolando Toro develop was so carefully researched and tested covering so many aspects of life, that Biodanza is indeed “The Dance of Life” – and I have come to realize that I dance with life in every moment. To teach the concepts of Biodanza methodology is to teach about life itself.

Now I have the amazing opportunity to work with a diverse group of wonderful and amazing people from many parts of the world.

This 15th African Encounter I/we all will be experiencing the creative talents of Christos Daskalakos, and I have the great honour and pleasure of facilitating with Kate Clement. 

What is there not to love about life! Limitlessness, Expansiveness!

And when it does sometimes go pear shaped – I have learnt to come into my heart and soon it shows me the way through to joy.

I just love the limitless sky and vast landscapes of life