There is a feeling of something primordial when we truly connect with the lands of Africa.

An ancient heritage that lives within us awakens!
Something exciting infuses every cell of our body.
Something so fundamental!

It begins with

From beyond our most ancient of ancestors
A movement that contains the ages – all preceding generations
Brings us to this moment!
Emerging like an unfurling flower in the soft sweet morning air
The Heart of Africa expands within each one of us
Drawing us together into an inseparable unity of life!

The tension between instinct and culture inhibits the full expression of our identity.  When we learn to transcend the external limitations imposed on us by society, we find our freedom which opens us to the pleasure of life.
Dances of trance connect us with primal instincts that open to us – like a universal doorway – a capacity to recover and expand our drive for life.

We will animate these instincts through our dances delving into the roots of what it means to be human.  The SAN TRANCE DANCE is the inspiration for the Trance Dance experience that is a doorway into a non-linear world of mystery. Here, beyond time and space we find our cosmic connection.

Transcendence begins with a choice; to be willing to go through the veil that separates us from a deeper reality – that expands our perception of freedom, relinquishing the hold of societal normalcy and showing us that we have within us the capacity to find our own way.

We connect with the primal rhythm and dance that is our heritage and birth right, emerging into an expanded self expression that includes a stronger sense of community – that is the way of the African people.

The 2019, 15th African Encounter is as always a special event in the Biodanza calendar. Participants are nourished to their core by the feelings of community bonding – new relationships established, old ones rekindled.
The event is special also because the location, the community of participants and the chosen theme for the Encounter is such fertile ground for continued vivencial development.

Participants will have experienced the fundamental exercises of Biodanza in their weekly classes so that the Encounter facilitator has the opportunity to weave together the multiplicity of movements into dances that become more sophisticated and justifiably offered as deeper journeys into the vivencia of life; heightening personal, collective, cosmic and opening to the mystical vivencia.

This is Christos Daskalakos’ special capacity, a facilitator who creatively weaves for his participants, a vivencia that stays with each one of us long after our time together. He creates for us opportunity within our togetherness, to find more of ourselves and to transcend through barriers, some of which we may have inadvertently placed in our own way, along our journey to a life of joyfulness and fulfilment.

We invite you to join us this December for a unique and exquisite vivencial marathon,

With Love Passion and Gratitude from:

Main event facilitator – Christos Daskalakos,

Your host Arno te Braake joined by
Special guest facilitator Kate Clement.

Main Event Facilitator

Read about Christos: HERE

Guest Facilitator

Kate has graciously agreed to join Arno in facilitating the opening and closing Vivencias of the African Encounter.
Read about Kate: HERE

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C. Copyright. All original artwork by Sylvia te Braake, Intuitive art practitioner and teacher.