16th Biodanza African Encounter

@ The Nest, Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Friday 11 to Monday 14 December 2020

Hélène Jeanne Lévy Benseft, our main event facilitator, became a facilitator of Biodanza in 1984, pioneering Biodanza in France. She became the Director of the Rolando Toro Biodanza School «Mediterranean» (Nice – France) in 1998. Hélène has become a renowned teacher sought after by many Schools throughout Europe and the world.

Hélène’s deep understanding and knowledge of the methodologies of Biodanza is abundantly clear in her facilitation which offers us the opportunity to bring to life concepts, shifts and excitations that emerge from deep within us.

Each day together, if we allow, we emerge in to a vibrant and magnificent adventure.

                       By Rolando Toro

We are the memory of the world,
All is needed is to remember.
Remember what vibrates in the very core of our cells;
The fruit of the summer
The voluptuous moments of love,
The capacity to be in someone else’s space
The contact, the courage to create
The embrace
The one when we meet,
The one when we part.
The salt of the sea on our skin
The music of life
The remote and yet active memory
Of the absolute possibility of love

Whoever we may be, at the moment we step into a Biodanza session, it is essential that we know and feel that this ‘Manifesto’ is the reality we are invited to create.
Through the dances, the music, our encounters, we participate in a major shift of perception.
When expression, emotions, feelings and communication, are fully coherent, here and now, with this call of life in each one of us, we may say that we have reached the:

This 2020 Biodanza Encounter in South Africa takes place 10 years after the departure of Rolando Toro. Let us, all together, honour his legacy by making his Manifesto come alive !

Hélène Jeanne Lévy Benseft